Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Puppets and Prisoners of Big Brother

Drip feeds of live house mate news
Spews into your mail server tray
Filling you in throughout each day
The latest gossip spilling in
On who’s in the house and who’s out
Who’s in the kitchen
Who’s in the garden walking about
Who’s in the diary room
Who’s doing what
And to whom
There are romances
Under quilts
Followed by clashes
And then jilts
There are party bashes
Which Big Brother himself trashes
Leaving behind mountains of jelly
On the carpet to set and everything smelly
Then gets housemates to clean
The disgusting scene
Big Brother locks housemates in
When there’s a chopper about, having a spin
And calls and shouts
For ‘Get Carly Out’
Over the garden wall
Housemates must dress up
As sardines or penguins
Or wear other silly masks to pass tasks
In order to win a luxury shopping list
But there’s always a twist
And at the end of the week
There’s psycho-analysis
With tricks and treats
To see who is genuine
And who’s a cheat
By watching housemates eat
And on eviction night
The hostess presenter cajoles
Whips and rouses the crowd
That are already rowdy and loud
Fuelling the booing
The spitting out after chewing
Then studio set-ups
In eviction out-fit get-ups
The best bits for viewing
The laughter, the slip-ups
The one-liners, the quips
The high times, the dips
All caught on clips
And edited in snips
Fame is not guaranteed
Once they are freed
For they can all too easily loose
Their publicity clout
And be forgotten about
Or else return as celebrities
For the Big Brother Celeb Series
To catch another audience captive
Frittering and littering hours away
Hour after hour, day after day
Watching housemates
Sunbathe and lay
Argue or play
All of us, prisoners
Of Reality TV’s crime
To steal away
Our prime-time

2008 or 09 ?